Nam Vo

Software Engineer @ Roku
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Mail: namvo[at]gatech.edu

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A copy of my old academic page is at https://lugiavn.github.io/gatech

Recent publications:

  • Let's Transfer Transformations of Shared Semantic Representations Let's Transfer Text Transformations to Images
    Nam Vo, Lu Jiang, James Hays
    Technical Report 2019, CVPR Language & Vision Workshop. [arxiv] [code
  • Composing Text and Image for Image Retrieval - An Empirical Odyssey
    Nam Vo, Lu Jiang, Chen Sun, Kevin Murphy, Li-Jia Li, Li Fei-Fei, James Hays
    CVPR 2019 (Oral). [arxiv] [code
  • Generalization in Metric Learning: Should the Embedding Layer be the Embedding Layer?
    Nam Vo and James Hays
    WACV 2019. [arxiv] [code

Updated 10/2021